Kids Spine and Foot

兒童脊足問題 kids spine and feet health

Spinal conditions in children

In some of the researches, it is common for students to carry a backpack which is two times heavier than their body weight. Yet, it stifles foot development of school kids who are vulnerable to spine and foot problems such as flat foot, scoliosis and rounded backs.

Taking the flat foot as an example, it is a problem of the arch of feet collapsing, the feet may roll to the inner side when one is standing and walking, and it may also cause the feet to point outward. The most common symptoms of the flat foot are pains in the feet and lower back, on the knee and hip, inside ankle and inflammations of stressed joints. Flat foot patients may also find a long walk hard and tiring.

Influence of daily postures reaching so far

Common causes of the flat foot include improper sitting, sleeping posture and walking habit. Usually, kids tend to use W-sitting which is more stable but it may trigger knock-knees. It is believed that the critical period for foot development is 4-13 years old.

People are more likely to have a flat foot in cases of obesity and lack of exercise. The stress on the foot arch and joints accumulates with the increase in body weight. Foot arch may collapse due to insufficient foot arch support.

Do not neglect small muscle groups

More exercises on foot muscle like rope-skipping can be done to strengthen the muscles of the thighs, calves, foot arch and the joints on the knees and hip.

Tips for buying shoes

Parents can consider the following tips for buying shoes.
  • wide-fitting shoes can improve blood circulation and create an excellent environment for foot development
  • supportive shoes can help. Flat foot patients can customise shoe insoles to improve foot arch support
  • a hard heel counter to stabilize heel bones; and
  • well-fitted shoes

Critical Period for treatment

4-The critical period for foot development is 4-13 years old. Kids with foot problems are recommended to receive foot assessment and customise their shoe insoles to improve symptoms and foot arch support.

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