Scoliosis Treatment

Treatments for different degrees of Scoliosis

It is recommended for the patients with scoliosis to acquire medical knowledge on its treatments and to seek professional advice or diagnosis from registered doctors.

Treatment method depends on the condition of patients. A scoliosis curve that is less than 20 degrees usually needs to have regular checkups until pubertal maturation and growth are complete. If the curve is between 20 to 40 degrees, the orthopedist will generally suggest a back orthosis. Patients with a Cobb angle of 40 degrees or above may need to undergo surgery.

Early treatment of scoliosis

If one can detect scoliosis at an early stage, and start receiving treatments, he/ she can prevent it from getting worse or bringing adverse impacts on body functions.

Basic spinal examination is included in the designated items in student health services. In general, patients with milder cases will not be assigned for follow-ups. As scoliosis develops with time and early treatment is proved more effective in putting the spine back in place and avoiding deterioration.

EOS Low Dose Imaging Diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis is important for treating spinal problems, as it will affect the doctor's decision on treatment options. Our specialists have extensive experience and cooperate with new imaging device to make accurate evaluation on patients' spine conditions.

  • ✔ Significant dose reduction compared to conventional radiography for about 60% to 90%
  • ✔ Taking front and side images at the same time to faster the procedure
  • ✔ Enables 3D bone envelope modeling of the spine and the lower limbs
  • ✔ Examine in a weight-bearing position can display various conditions of the bones
2D  Full Spine X-ray image
2D Full Spine X-ray image
3D Bone Modeling
3D Bone Modeling
3D Bone Modeling
3D Bone Modeling

Symptoms of Scoliosis

Scoliosis is the abnormal side to side curvature of the spine. When viewed from behind, a normal spine should appear straight but the spine of a person suffering from scoliosis will show varying degrees of curvature. A person with scoliosis can have 1 or 2 curves to the spine, giving the appearance of either a "C" or "S" shaped spine.

Related pain symptoms:

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