Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics to ease pain symptoms

The feet bear the weight of the whole body. Back pain begins with the knees and calves being overstressed by improper postures. One is more vulnerable to foot problems if his/ her shoes fail to provide sufficient arch support. Common foot problems include flat foot, high arch foot, bow legs, foot pains, sores and ankle pains.

The above foot problems may trigger abnormalities of joints and muscle tissues, increasing the risks of other health problems. As a matter of this, a precise and detailed spine and foot assessment are indispensable.

Professional foot assessment and custom made insole in 1 hr time

Through accurate dynamic gait analysis and inspection, you can understand the foot trajectory of each step while walking, and analyze the force point and angle of the foot. In addition, the whole body posture analysis and examination can help analyze cold back and bad posture.​

According to the analysis report, the brand-new orthopedic insole moulding technology is used to capture the 3D foot shape with a computer sketch system, and the insole is customized according to the shape of the individual foot. It is used to reduce the abnormal pressure on the feet, and at the same time reduce the sequelae that may occur in the future, such as foot pain and low back pain.

Static Foot Checker
Gait Motion Assessment
Balance Insole Station

Advantages of custom made orthotics

Foot problems prevail in every age group. Our custom made insoles provide sufficient foot arch support to relieve stress and improve body posture. Not only can it ensure the joints are in the right place, but it can also slow down the rate of joint inflammation and degradation.

To those who are active in sports or need to stand for a long time as the job required (including disciplined service officers, nurses, teachers, salesmen, flight attendants), a pair of customised insoles is of utmost relieve foot pressure and alleviate foot pains.

When it comes to school leather shoes, which are worn by students every day, orthotic insoles are an ideal partner. Students are bearing a stress double or even triple of their weight with their overweight backpacks. Spine and foot problems such as scoliosis and the flat foot become more prevailing among students as a result. By improving support to the foot arch and foot posture, orthotic insoles can stabilize heel bones and keep it upright, thus, creating an excellent environment for foot development.

Different insoles provide different arch support. you may customise your shoe insoles according to your need or foot condition.

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