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Summer Drives the Health Wave: Prioritizing Spinal Health in Exercise

Summer brings about a surge in the pursuit of good health, with many individuals becoming conscious of their "beer bellies" or "bye-bye flab", and feeling a heightened concern for their appearance. Consequently, exercising has become a habit for many, with the aim of embracing summer with a fit physique. However, if one lacks regular exercise and suddenly engages in excessive or improper physical activity, it can easily lead to spinal injuries that require careful attention.


Exercise Wisely for a Healthy Spine

When it comes to effective weight loss exercises, running and swimming are highly favored by Hong Kongers. However, not everyone knows the secrets to becoming a savvy runner or swimmer. Interestingly, many professional athletes have personal chiropractors who specialize in taking care of their spinal joint health. These chiropractors perform spinal adjustments to prevent injuries and optimize performance. Similarly, before engaging in physical activity, it is essential for the average individual to warm up adequately and choose suitable exercises. It is crucial to exercise within one's limits and prioritize safety.

Avoid Sudden Increases in Activity for Those Who Are Less Active

Running is a popular form of exercise for many individuals. However, for office workers who often wear high heels, their center of gravity is constantly shifted forward. This places excessive pressure on the knees, leading to cartilage erosion. Engaging in sudden, intense running can increase the risk of injury. Additionally, running on concrete surfaces, which are hard and offer minimal shock absorption, along with factors such as inclines, uneven terrain, and improper running form, can easily result in injuries to the knee joints, anterior tibial muscles, and posterior calf muscles.

Footwear plays a crucial role in preventing injuries during exercise. Its functions include shock absorption, stability, torsion control, lightweight design, and traction, among others. To avoid injuries, it is essential to choose appropriate athletic shoes and begin practicing on softer surfaces, such as sports track fields. Each practice session should progress gradually, with a slow increase in training speed and distance. Additionally, proper warm-up exercises before running are necessary, and a 15-minute stretching routine afterward is recommended to relax and alleviate tight muscles.

Alternate Swimming Styles to Reduce Strain

Furthermore, before engaging in water-based activities, it is essential to rest adequately and warm up to maintain muscle elasticity and joint flexibility. Additionally, receiving proper, standardized training is crucial to acquire correct techniques and movements. Practice should also progress gradually, preferably by alternating between two or more swimming styles. This helps avoid excessive repetition of the same movements, which can strain joints and tendons, leading to injuries.

Treating Sports Injuries: Tailored Solutions

In the event of a sports injury, it is crucial to apply appropriate treatment methods based on the specific type of injury. Mild sprains generally heal within two weeks, while severe sprains may take three to four months for complete recovery. When foot sprains occur, individuals naturally shift their weight onto the other foot while walking. Although this adjustment is temporary, it can lead to imbalanced exertion on the lower back, resulting in spinal misalignment and lower back pain. Therefore, seeking timely and proper treatment is vital for both ankle sprains and overall lumbar health.

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