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360 Spinal Weight-Free Recovery Technology (10 minutes = 2-hour intense exercises!)

Major functions and advantages

  • Exclusive patented medical technology
  • Power up your 50 inner muscle groups simultaneously in an effortless, comfortable and safe way.
  • Restore your spinal health and pain-free life in 10 minutes
  • Stabilise your core muscles to enhance spinal support and protection
  • Relieve and prevent further pain. Resolve any back pain and recovery problems after injuries and return to your healthy state.
  • 100% non-surgical and pain-free treatment to comfortably and quickly solve your spinal conditions.
  • FDA-approved

Principles of 360 Spinal Weight-Free Recovery Technology

  • An exclusive, patented medical technology in Hong Kong
     The only FDA-approved effortless training treatment for the core muscles in Hong Kong.
  • Simultaneous power-up of 50 inner muscle groups
    The weight-free recovery technology can stimulate the musculoskeletal activities of the patients to strengthen their muscles and spine. Prolonged treatment can help the brain to adapt to muscle activities, thus restoring normal muscle movement and repair capability. Therefore, our technology is also called a ‘natural lumbar belt’.
  • A comprehensive medical solution to all spinal problems
    Our weight-free patented technology can reduce the pressure on the spine, fully upgrade its support and stability, and thus help to resolve lower back pain and recovery problems after injuries. The technology also improves overall health, core stability, balance and coordination.

Why should I choose 360 Spinal Weight-Free Recovery Technology?

  • Fast and effective inner muscle training: a 10-minute course of treatment is already equal to 2-hour intense exercise (3 times a week can train the whole core muscle group)
  • Effortless, pleasant and safe training: the weight-free recovery technology can avoid injuries triggered by intense muscle training.

Suitable for:

  • Busy city dwellers with no time to exercise
  • Office workers and homebodies with little exercise
  • People afraid of muscle soreness, pain and strain after exercise
  • People with mobility problems or old age

Core advantages

  • ✔ 3D high-performance dual-core technology: Three 10-minute sessions per week can already train the whole core muscle group
  • ✔ Smart mode: five intensity levels can be adjusted according to the patient’s medical condition and recovery progress
  • ✔ Full recovery of spinal health: Stimulates the patient’s entire spine and muscles from 360 degrees
  • ✔ Professional diagnosis and follow-up consultations of the recovery progress by our medical team
  • ✔ Every client can obtain an individual report which is normally available online after 24 hours
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