Chinese Medicine Tele-Consultation Service

Service Process
Chinese Medicine Tele-Consultation Service​

Stay safe in the comfort of your own home and get your medication via
teleconsultation service. Patients receive medical consultations and
health advice via audio, video or other electronic means of
communication. Doctors can diagnose, treat and follow up
on patients’ conditions through the telemedicine system.
However, if a patient has severe or complex symptoms
that require further diagnosis and exams,
telemedicine may not be appropriate.

If necessary, the doctor may prescribe medication to
the patient. If you are confirmed with COVID-19 or a
close contact, please arrange for a friend or family
member to collect the drugs for you.

Suitable for:​

  • Common cold and
    flu symptoms​
  • Individuals under suspicion
    or in quarantine​​
  • High-risk individuals
    (e.g., the elderly, children,
    and patients with chronic diseases)
  • Those lacking medical
    support at home​
TCM Herbal Medicine Pack​
Service Process
Internal consumption of herbal medicine helps deliver medicinal properties through the bloodstream, primarily focusing on systemic effects. It has the efficacy of regulating body constitution, enhancing immune function, and eliminating pathogenic factors within the body.
Epidemic Prevention Aromatic Sachets​
Service Process
Aromatic sachets containing Chinese herbal ingredients emit fragrant scents that stimulate the nasal mucosa, promoting the production of antibodies. This increases the secretion of secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA), which can neutralize viruses and make it difficult for them to survive on the nasal and respiratory mucosa. As a result, the chances of contracting external pathogens and viruses are reduced.
TCM teleconsultation x1​
TCM herbal medicine x2​
Epidemic prevention aromatic sachets x2​

Call to make a​
service appointment

Submit and sign
relevant documents

Pay consultation fees​

Confirm the service
date and time​

Enter the
online platform
at the scheduled time
for a medical

Pay for
medication online​

Receive medication
at home or pick up
at the designated
location at the
agreed-upon time


Service Process
*Only applicable to Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan Central, Kwun Tong APM, Sha Tin, Causeway Bay, and Long Ping branches.
*Medicine delivery service available at an additional cost borne by the customer. Alternatively, in-store pickup is available at Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan Central, Causeway Bay, and Long Ping branches.
*Valid for new customers only​.
中醫遙距問診 telemed

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