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why choose NYMG?
500,000 Over Real Testimonials
No1 in Hong Kong ​One-Stop Pain Management Center​
17 Years of Pain Relief Experience
A Global Team of 290+ Medical Professionals
98% Treatment Success Rate
99% Customer Satisfaction
Certified Safe by US FDA
*1 Determined based on clinical cases from EC Healthcare (the total number may vary over time).​
*2 Based on Frost & Sullivan's market research, determined by the total number of branches and total revenue of New York Medical Group in 2022.​
*3 Total number of medical professionals in the EC Healthcare's medical team (the total number may vary over time).​
*4 Treatment effectiveness varies from person to person. The above data is based on statistical conclusions derived from questionnaires filled out by our center's clients and their corresponding ratings.​
*5 Designated treatments (contact the professional medical team for details).
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