2023 The Favourite from Healthcare Professionals Pain and Physiotherapy Brand Award The Exclusive Selection in the Pain Relief Industry United Nations Hong Kong Achievement Award Based on the 2022 United Nations Hong Kong Achievement Award Winners List

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why choose NYMG?
500,000 Over Real Testimonials
No1 in Hong Kong ​One-Stop Pain Management Center​
17 Years of Pain Relief Experience
A Global Team of 290+ Medical Professionals
98% Treatment Success Rate
99% Customer Satisfaction
30 Clinics Spread All Across the City
Certified Safe by US FDA
*1 Determined based on clinical cases from EC Healthcare (the total number may vary over time).​
*2 Based on Frost & Sullivan's market research, determined by the total number of branches and total revenue of New York Medical Group in 2022.​
*3 Total number of medical professionals in the EC Healthcare's medical team (the total number may vary over time).​
*4 Treatment effectiveness varies from person to person. The above data is based on statistical conclusions derived from questionnaires filled out by our center's clients and their corresponding ratings.​
*5 Designated treatments (contact the professional medical team for details).

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