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Health Seminar & Spinal Screening Services

Many people in Hong Kong suffer from neck pain and low back pain caused by improper posture at work and in everyday life. New York Medical Group (Pain Center) are devoted to enhancing people’s awareness of spinal wellness by providing health talks and spinal screening services for business corporations and organizations.

Our health talks are delivered by our center’s chiropractors and physiotherapists and followed by a spinal screening session, providing one on one consultation for participants.

We have organized hundreds of health talks for corporations, associations and education institutes and have received positive feedback. Please kindly choose from the following health talk topics or suggest other related topics to suit your needs.

TopicsContentTarget Audiences
Office SymptomsNeck/back pain, Bone Spur and NumbnessFor office workers
Spinal Health of ChildrenKyphosis, Scoliosis, Flat Feet & Respiratory problemsFor education institutions, parent-teacher associations
Common Joint ProblemsFrozen shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Carpel Tunnel SyndromeFor repetitive-work staff (e.g. hospitality industries)
How to Avoid Sports InjuriesAcute Pain, Tennis/Golfers’ Elbow, Sprains and StrainsFor sports associations & fitness centers
Health talk includes:
Spinal anatomy, causes & treatment of common symptoms, preventative measures, work postures & general nutritional advice

Health Talk: 30min (15mins for Q & A)
Spinal Screening: 15min – 30min

For enquiry and reservation, please contact our Health Education Team at email us via edu@nymg.com.hk