Secrets of the Lost Circus「大會指定脊醫」

 繼早前與印度社群的活動後,NYMG今次成為特技舞蹈表演 “Secrets of the Lost Circus” 的「大會指定脊醫」!表演將於4月10日至12日於香港演藝學院舉行。Dr. Megan Choy將會成為NYMG的健康大使,為眾位專業舞蹈員提供脊醫健康服務,讓他們的脊骨健康保持良好的狀態,在台上發光發亮!


After the workshop with Indian community, this time, NYMG will become the Official Chiropractors to a show called ‘Secrets of the Lost Circus’ to be held at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on 10-12th April. Dr. Megan Choy will be our health representative, delivering chiropractic caring to the star performers of this acrobatic and aerial dance spectacular, keeping them in good physical health for their performances! 

For anyone interested in coming to watch the show you can buy tickets via this link: