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New York Chiropractors is a comprehensive health center dedicated to patient care, research and public education. Our reputation for excellence in each of those areas has made New York Chiropractors a major patient referral center for the insurance industry.

Each year, people throughout Hong Kong choose New York Medical Group for their health care needs, not only because of its excellence in chiropractic and medical services but also because of the dedication Chiropractors and staff have for treating patients with dignity and compassion. New York Medical Group's mission is to advance Hong Kong's health and wellness through programs in patient care, education, and scientific excellence.

Although the initial goal of chiropractic care is to reduce pain and normalize function, chiropractic care prides itself in promoting overall health of an individual, thereby increasing quality of life.

Chiropractors and physiotherapists may incorporate specific recommendations such as nutritional counseling, home exercises and pain management techniques to encourage healthy lifestyle choices that promote a more successful and balanced lifestyle.

  • Q:Any insurance and payment information?
    答:Medical, Chiropractic and Physical therapy coverage within health insurance can be included in group health plans, global health plan, accidental insurance, and travel insurance.

    There has been an increase demand in Chiropractic services in Hong Kong, as employees are requesting coverage and employers provide chiropractic benefits with group health insurance. Insurance coverage for services follows on your insurance guidelines.

    Most Insurance are honored including: American Insurance Assurance (AIA), AIG, AXA, Bupa, CIGNA, FWD, Manulife, MassMutual, Prudential, Ageas, Sunlife, ACE, Transamerica, Travel Insurance, Workers Compensation, Zurich, and others in network or out of network benefits may apply.
    • 問:診所是否接受公司保險?
    • 問:診所提供的治療是屬於哪個類別?
    • 問:我已確定有團體醫療保險或個人意外保險的保障,是否需要由普通科西醫轉介?
    • 問:我一直都沒有自己的家庭醫生,診所可否介紹普通科醫生?
    • 問:我上星期因意外令下背部受傷,一般意外保險是否已包括檢查及治療費用?
      答:大部份意外保險計劃均包括相關檢查(例如X光)及有關治療費用(但金額及條款略有不同);如需西醫轉介信,病人向普通科西醫求診時,需向醫生解釋受傷發生的 1)時間 2)地點 3)受傷情況等(如:扭傷、跌倒等),如有表面傷痕,可於檢查時向醫生提及。
    • 問:安排意外保險索償時,是否要填寫保險索償表格(Claim Form)?